Kingfisher Academy


Support for Parents and Carers

Mrs Claire Toon is our Parent Support Advisor. Her role at Kingfisher Academy is to provide support and advice for any issues that might be causing worry to parents and carers or creating barriers to learning for children.

Mrs Toon can help parents and carers with home or family issues that may be affecting a child’s attendance, emotional wellbeing, academic attainment and social development.

Mrs Toon also works closely with Mrs Putman, our HLTA for Behaviour Support, to develop and nurture children's  emotional wellbeing and to address any issues which may be causing behavioural difficulties in school or at home.

What can Mrs Toon help with?

  • Changes within your personal circumstances
  • Difficulties with behaviour or school attendance
  • Sibling and peer relationships
  • Money worries or benefit advice
  • Health concerns within close or extended family

How does Mrs Toon do this?

  • She acts as the link between school and home, offering friendly, non-judgemental advice and support and an opportunity to talk through issues and concerns.
  • She has an open-door policy, is very approachable and is easily contacted at school
  • She offers support for parents and carers with school and home issues including signposting and referral to other appropriate agencies where required
  • She works closely with children who are experiencing difficulties in 1:1 and group sessions, including referral to YESS counselling service if needed


Mrs Toon can be contacted in school:

Monday—Friday 08:30—3.00pm.

Tel:- 01283 494530            

Email :-